FOR 2093

C2: Neuromorphic Circuits

The main contribution of this project is the development, construction and evaluation of electronic systems that are prepared for integration into memristive devices. The goal is to demonstrate that these neuromorphic circuits have advantages in contrast to conventional realizations. A priority objective is to realize learning or cognitive systems within this technology that consume much less energy as corresponding processor‐based systems. The building blocks of these systems are electronic circuits which mimic the functions of Synapses (to be realized mainly by the memristive devices) and neurons. These – respectively duplicated – will be combined to an electronic neural network. The full power of such a system emerges only if it consists of a large number of synapses and neurons. Therefore, miniaturized integrated circuits with a high device density are necessary. The development of these circuits will be carried out concurrently and cooperatively with the memristive devices in order to achieve optimal adaptation to each other.