FOR 2093

New FOR2093 publication of subproject A2

Diffusive Memristive Switching on the Nanoscale, from Individual Nanoparticles towards Scalable Nanocomposite Devices

Nanoscale memristive devices based on metal alloy nanoparticles that are sparsely encapsulated in a thin SiO2 dielectric matrix are investigated. The measurement of current-voltage hysteresis loops at the level of individual nanoparticles, enabled by the nanoscopic contact area of a conductive atomic force microscope (C-AFM) tip, indicates reliable memristive switching for several hours of continuous operations. Moreover, morphological alterations and device failure are investigated. Furthermore, similar behaviour is encountered on macroscopic nanocomposite devices, which incorporate multiple stacks of nanoparticles and offer the possibility of tuning switching properties.