FOR 2093

C3: Modeling and simulation of memristive devices and systems

The addressed scientific questions reach from the physics of real devices to the dynamics of memristive lumped circuits. Two groups of models which are treated disjunctively so far are identified, i.e., models with distributed parameters and models with concentrated parameters. The first group describes both the spatial and temporal dynamics of the underlying physical transport mechanisms. The second group is limited to the temporal dynamics but is able to describe not only single devices but also more complex systems of devices. The goal of the project is to model and simulate neural systems based on memristive circuits. In order to realize such systems by means of electric circuits, it is crucial not only to understand the dynamics of memristive lumped circuits but also to understand the physical mechanisms on the atomic scale. Therefore, the project is divided into two sub‐projects. Whereas sub‐project 1 deals with the physics of memristive devices based on models with distributed parameters, sub‐project 2 investigates the interaction of memristive devices with other lumped circuit elements. Complementarity of the two sub‐projects becomes manifest in the fact that the parameters of the model with concentrated parameters are calculated by spatial integration of the results from physical models with distributed parameters.