FOR 2093

B1: Electric characterization of memristive devices in basal learning circuits

This project part will focus on the electronic characterisation of memristive devices and their implementation in neuromorphic circuits. Our goal is to achieve the relevant device parameters for successful applications of those devices in neuromorphic circuits. The electronic characterisation supports a successful fabrication of memristive devices in the projects of parts A1 and A2. In particular, we plan to achieve a broad statistic of the relevant device in order to enable a profound modelling of several device behaviours and ensure the design of complex neuronal circuits. Furthermore, we plan to transfer the neurobiological models from project part C1 into electronic circuits, which may be considered as basic building blocks for the design of complex neuronal networks in project part C2. Therefore, the aim is to use Kandel's reductionist strategy to enable the emulation of learning and memory already on the synaptic level.