FOR 2093

A1: Memristive, quantum mechanical tunnel junctions and MemFlash‐cells

This project part will focus on memristive devices for applications in neuromorphic circuits. The mainfocus lies on the investigation of quantum mechanical tunnel junctions comprising an adjacent solid state electrolyte layer and MemFlash-cells. In case of tunnel junctions an externally applied electric field ideally leads to a homogenous ion drift current avoiding any filament formation in the device. The MemFlash cell is based on a traditional EEPROM-Transistor with a floating-gate. The external wiring layout will be modified to obtain a two terminal device exhibiting a memristive current-voltage (I-V) characteristic. The switching mechanism will be entirely electronic excluding any ionic currents. The electronic characteristics of both types of devices will be experimentally explored within the context of parameter spreads, yield, switching characteristics, retention, and fatigue. The main goal is to study the switching mechanism from the point of physics, chemistry and electronics to fulfil the requirements of neuromorphic circuits.