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Meeting of the Research Unit 2093 at the TU Ilmenau, July 8 - July 11, 2019, Ilmenau, Germany

Between 08 July 2019 and 11 July 2019, the internal meeting of the Research Group 2093 took place at the TU Ilmenau. The meeting was organized by Prof. Martin Ziegler, who made his Habilitation as part of the research group in Kiel and had accepted a call to TU Ilmenau in 2018. In the subprojects of the research group, great progress was made, which was presented by PhD students and subproject leaders in in a number of lectures. The discussions clearly showed that the research group has gained substantial coherence since its approval in 2014 and is able to argue across disciplines. Through interesting lectures by Prof. Schwierz on 2D materials and Dr. Claudia Lenk on the electronic cochlea, the meeting was professionally enriched. The physical fitness of the conference participants was approved on July 11, 2019 by a hike to the Kickelhahn. The spokesman of the research group was pleased to note that there were no major breakdowns.

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Best paper award for Rajeev Ranjan form the TU Hamburg-Harburg at 39th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING

Best paper award for Rajeev Ranjan (TU Hamburg-Harburg) at the IEEE TSP 2016

5. FOR 2093 meeting at the Ruhr University in Bochum

 5. FOR 2093 meeting at the Ruhr University in Bochum

Contribution to the 47 IFF Spring School in Jülich

Martin Ziegler gives at the IFF Spring School in Jülich about memristive tunneling devices and their application in neuromorphic circuits.

Two new FOR2093 papers shwoning the synchronization of two memristively coupled van der Pol oscillators and a C-MemFlash device

Two new FOR2093 Publications online

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Kinetic simulation of filament growth dynamics in memristive electrochemical metallization devices

New FOR 2093 publication show filamental growth within ECM cells

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Pressemitteilung zur FOR2093 Publikation

Kieler und Bochumer Forschende entwickeln neuartigen Informationsspeicher

Pressemeldung Nr. 355/2015

Pattern recognition with TiOx-based memristive devices

In einer aktuellen FOR 2093 Veröffentlichung wird die Entwicklung eines TiOx -basierenden memristiven Bauelements für Mustererkennungs -Netzwerke beschrieben.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. George Popkirov als Gastwissenschaftler in Kiel

PD Dr. George Popkirov

von der Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia ist als Gastwissenschaftler der FOR 2093 im TP A2 zu Gast in Kiel

FOR2093 Session auf der Euro Intelligent Materials 2015 in Kiel

FOR 2093 organisiert Session auf der Euro Intelligent Materials 2015 in Kiel.

Intelligent Mat. 2015

Hebbsches Plastizitätsmodell für memristive Bauelemente

In einer aktuellen FOR Publikation wird ein neues Modell zur Nachbildung synaptischer Plastizität mittels memristiver Bauelemente vorgestellt.

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Auf den FOR Treffen am 30. 03. 2015 in Bochum haben die Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden Marina Ignatov und Sven Dirkmann zu ihren Sprechern gewählt.

Doktorandensprecher der FOR sind: Marina Ignatov und Sven Dirkmann